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Auxiliary 6441 is comprised of family members of Veterans of Foreign Wars. We are wives, husbands, children and grandchildren of those who served. We work alongside the VFW members on a common goal. To serve our Veteran & Local Community

“Americanism is an unfailing love of country, loyalty to its institutions and ideas; eagerness to defend it against all enemies; undivided allegiance to the flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty and posterity.”

What we do as an organization

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The Americanism Program:

  • Brings attention to Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action by hosting POW/MIA ceremonies to both educate the public and honor these special veterans.


VFW Auxiliary members serve other organizations outside the Auxiliary circle, and that volunteer work needs to be counted. Auxiliary Community Outreach gives us the opportunity to do more with local communities, schools and other civic, faith-based and youth organizations.


The VFW Auxiliary works to honor and a make a difference in the lives of veterans, service members and their families. Two ways we do this are through the VFW “Buddy”® Poppy Program and the VFW National Home for Children.


Promotes volunteerism of members, non-members, youth and families in local hospitals, veterans’ homes, nursing homes, domiciliary and both VA and non-VA medical centers and clinics. Opportunities vary based on the facility and age and abilities of the volunteer.

  • Promotes the VFW Priority Goals.
    The Priority Goals reflect the resolutions passed by the VFW to strengthen and ensure an adequate VA system for millions of current and future veterans. They call for much-needed attention to crises and are grouped under six areas of concern:


    • Budget

    • Health Care

    • Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

    • Education, Employment and Transition Assistance

    • Military Quality of Life

    • National Security, Foreign Affairs and POW/MIA

  • Promotes Action Corps
    Stay informed and up-to-date on issues facing our veterans, our military and their families by signing up to receive the VFW’s Action Corps Weekly e-newsletter. The VFW Action Corps is free and open to all patriotic Americans who care about the military and veterans’ communities.

  • Offers support for veterans, service members and their families. Our Veterans & Family Support Resource Card includes a list of 20 organizations and agencies that offer support to veterans, service members and their families.

  • Promotes Veteran and Military Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    Each day, an estimated 20 veterans commit suicide. You can help lower this number and make a difference in the life of a veteran or service member in crisis by educating yourself and others about the warning signs of suicide.


    • The Veteran & Military Suicide Awareness Blue Teardrop Sticker is the VFW Auxiliary’s symbol to give this issue the attention it so desperately needs. Wear the teardrop to open a conversation; when asked what the teardrop is, share that it’s to create awareness for veteran and military suicide.

    • The Veterans Crisis Line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support for deaf and hard of hearing individuals is available.

  • Promotes VFW’s National Veterans Service (NVS)
    VFW’s National Veterans Service (NVS) helps veterans, service members and their families obtain the benefits they deserve – free of charge. NVS provides a nationwide network of more than 2,000 VA-accredited VFW Service Officers across America and abroad who help hundreds of thousands of veterans navigate the Veterans Affairs system each year. In 2018, VFW’s service officers recovered more than $8.3 billion (yes, billion!) in earned benefits and compensation for veterans and their dependents, which includes $1.4 billion in new claims. Service officers assist all veterans, whether they are VFW members or not, in filing claims for:


    • Disability compensation

    • Rehabilitation and education programs, including GI Bill benefits

    • Pension and death benefits

    • Employment and training programs

  • Promotes VFW’s Veterans & Military Support Programs
    The VFW’s Veteran & Military Support Programs serve active-duty and recently discharged members of the military.


    • VFW’s “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” provides service members and veterans with scholarships of up to $5,000 to complete their educational goals without incurring excessive student load debt.

    • Unmet Needs is there to help America’s service members who have run into unexpected financial difficulties. The program provides financial aid of up to $1,500 to assist with basic life needs in the form of a grant – not a loan – so no repayment is required. To further ease the burden, the creditor is paid directly. The financial hardship must be due to one of the following:

      • Currently on active duty, whose financial hardship is a result of a current deployment, military pay error, or from being discharged for medical reasons.

      • Discharged on or after September 11, 2001, whose financial hardship is a direct result of your military service connected injuries and/or illnesses.

      • Discharged prior to September 11, 2001, are on a fixed income that must include VA compensation for a service connected injury/illness and facing an unexpected financial hardship.

    • The Military Assistance Program helps provide financial assistance to VFW Post and Auxiliaries to sponsor troop send-offs, homecomings and get-togethers. Posts and Auxiliaries participating in Adopt-A-Unit and Family Readiness Groups can also receive assistance.

  • Promotes and supports the VFW Voice of Democracy Audio-Essay Contest

  • Sponsors and works with youth groups

  • Get Excited for the Red, White and Blue!
    An individual national anthem singing contest for youth ages six to 16 at the time of local entry, and a U.S. citizen or U.S. national. Youth learn the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” while expressing their creativity. The contest highlights the vocal talent of young people while promoting patriotism.

  • Illustrating America
    A patriotic art contest for elementary and middle/junior high school students that encourages students’ artistic abilities and rewards their hard work. It’s fun to see how our youth see the world through their drawings and paintings.

  • Patriotism through Literacy
    Introduces youth to historical figures and teaches them about events in our nation’s history while fostering a love of reading that can lead to a lifetime of learning.

  • Recognizes Random Acts of Patriotism (R.A.P.)
    We encourage and reward patriotism through R.A.P. If a child is seen thanking a veteran, properly placing their hand on their heart during the Pledge of Allegiance or involved in some other activity that promotes patriotism, we suggest giving them a R.A.P. card and/or coin. It’s a fun and unique way to engage children elementary age and younger!

  • Youth Groups Supporting Our Veterans
    Youth groups can be recognized for their efforts and service projects honoring our veterans and assisting active-duty military and their families. Great traditions and citizenship start at an early age. We recognize these bright young citizens for their good work to ensure these activities become a part of their daily lives.

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